Exmouth in May has seen consistent wind free days, creating stellar diving, fishing, boating and camping opportunities.  Heres a little snippet of last Sunday’s dive when we took out the 6m Polycraft hire boat in Exmouth Gulf for the afternoon.  With 5m plus visibility and the water temperature still quiet warm it made for excellent diving conditions.

Squid have been fickle and quiet hit and miss both on the Gulf side and on Tantabiddi side.  When you do get onto a patch though they have been good sizes being being caught.

Fishing in general has been good, with reports that the Murion Islands are very sharky and you have to be quick to get your catch in before the men in grey suits come along.  Plenty of spangled emperor inside Tantabiddi.

Flies and midgies have played a starring role for campers at Waroora and down Exmouth Gulf.  With the high winds this next week we should see them back off for the winter season.  They tend to fire up as the weather turns and then back off once the winter or summer season kicks in.

Tracks down at Waroora and Ningaloo Stations are very corrugated at the moment. So if considering going down there take an aircompressor and let your tyres down to 20psi.  Take it easy on the drive and enjoy the scenery.

With a run of strong northeasterlies this next week action on the ocean and land will be quiet.  The Bay of Rest and the bottom of the gulf will offer some protection with reports of Blue manners crabs and whiting being caught down there.